Sugar Kente

Sugar Kente
We look at fabrics as collections, to be used, admired, and to be taken care of like any valuable thing. This is a collection of Sugarkane's rendition of our iconic Kente.
This collection is inspired by the Earth. Our marble waters, Ombre skylines and quality textures all feature in this collection.

Handmade to celebrate our rich African culture in contemporary style.

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All About Sugarkane Bridesmaids

SK Brides boast of a classy, one-of-a-kind entourage.

You will not be the exception.

Our styles range from light silk charmeuse strapless to floor-length side cape in white or butterum.

The spotlight's on you.

It's your special day and everyone on your team has to look the part.

A happy bridesmaid makes a happy bride